Frequently Asked Questions:  Shoppable® Basics

What is Shoppable®? 

When looking for a definition, know that Shoppable® is not just an adjective, but refers to a suite of products that enable e-commerce at all your digital media touchpoints.  

Shoppable® developed and patented an integrated Universal Checkout solution where your consumers can purchase one, or more products, from multiple retailers in a single e-commerce shopping cart.  This happens within your website, or online channel, on a landing page that is custom to your branding.

Shoppable's checkout can be embedded in existing websites (or power an online pop-up store experience) to allow your users to shop without being linked off to third-party retailers.  Shoppable® brings the checkout to consumers at their point of discovery, reducing the friction involved in online shopping.

Shoppable® makes e-commerce easier, faster, and more enjoyable for your customers.

What is Shoppable® Content? 

Any digital content such as a social media post, image, video, or ad, as well as any email, website page, hub, marketplace, etc. can be made Shoppable®.  It can also be referred to as social commerce, media commerce, or digital commerce.  

True Shoppable® content works by allowing your consumers to make an online purchase, with the least number of clicks, streamlining the customer journey, increasing your conversion rate (2x greater than average), reducing cart abandonment, and boosting sales revenue.  

What Platforms can be Made Shoppable®?

The answer is all platforms.  These would include content management systems, blog publishing platforms, and e-commerce store builders.  The Shoppable® Commerce Suite can also be integrated into your mobile apps and voice-controlled virtual assistants!

What is Universal Checkout? 

Invented by Shoppable® in 2011, Universal Checkout provides a seamless multi-retailer shopping cart experience.  Universal Checkout can also help reduce supply chain issues, which also benefits your shoppers.

Shoppable’s technology has greatly reduced the steps involved for your customers.  The average online checkout can take between 12 to 16 clicks.  Each additional click increases the potential for cart abandonment and the loss of your sale.  With Shoppable®, customer clicks are greatly reduced.  There is no more bouncing from site to site in order to purchase more than one product.  

A consumer using Universal Checkout can purchase your products from a choice of multiple merchants (example: Best Buy, Ulta, or Walmart) without a link-off to a retail site, at their point of inspiration, in a shopping cart/landing page that is customized to your brand.  

What Type of Data is Provided? 

Shoppable® provides more consumer data than any other partner.  You are provided with user-consented first-party order data, shopper behavior analytics, top product performance, top traffic sources, and many more real-time insights.  

All of this information is provided in a web-based dashboard and, also, via a secure API.  This is meant to facilitate incorporating it into your own business intelligence platforms, for further analysis.  

Additionally, this data can be utilized to optimize your brand’s marketing strategy and implement a personalized shopping experience (without needing those soon-to-be deprecated 3rd party cookies and tracking pixels).

Who are Shoppable® Customers? 

Shoppable® has customers across all levels of industry.  We work with businesses that range from some of the largest CPG brands in the world to publishers, influencers, content creators, celebrities, nonprofits, marketplaces, and fast-growing startups. 

What is PCI Compliance? 

Simply put, PCI Compliance is the approval by the Payment Card Industry for companies to take and process consumer credit card information. 

In order to become PCI Compliant, there is a 6 – 12 month application period.  Shoppable® implements PCI Compliance for you with our patented multiple-retailer checkout, so you don’t have to worry about going through the lengthy process to be PCI Compliant!  

Shoppable® is also audited by a 3rd party PCI Compliance firm, annually.

What is Involved in a Free 30-Day Trial?

Your credit card is not required to start a free trial.  Shoppable’s 30-day trial is completely self-serve, so you don’t even need to speak with a sales representative.  

Just click the “START FREE TRIAL” button on our "Products” page for DTC Lite, Ad Experience, or Instant Shop, complete the form, submit it, and you’re ready to go.  

You’ll be able to review all the functionality of any Shoppable’s Commerce Suite products.  Trial accounts, however, are limited to select merchants and do not provide access to our entire catalog.  If you need more retailers to be included, please contact us.

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