Shoppable® Instant Shop will Monetize Your Content in 30 Minutes (or Less!)

Available for the first time to the general public (read the press release), Shoppable® Instant Shop will revolutionize how influencers and creators earn income. 

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Instant Shop gives you the ability to generate your own sales commissions while enjoying the freedom to curate your favorite products.  Select from over 200 million products supplied by retailers such as Target, Bloomingdale's, Lord & Taylor, Nine West, Saks Fifth Avenue, Sephora, Ulta, and Walmart, among many others.  

Instant Shop provides you with all the benefits of eCommerce without the hassle and expense of providing inventory or fulfillment.

You’ll be able to promote the products that you love and be compensated without a formal brand or affiliate network agreement required.  Producing quality content that attracts devoted followers can, once again, become your main focus.

The Future of Affiliate Marketing

Alexandra Wilkis Wilson, the co-founder of Gilt Groupe and Glamsquad, was one of the first to own a shop, sharing, “Shoppable’s Instant Shop is the future of affiliate marketing and a game-changer for influencers, celebrities, or anyone who wants to add a passive income stream.  The setup process is simple, fun, and one can promote and sell name-brand products without having to physically ship out the products.  It’s unlike anything else out there.” 

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A Speedy Setup for Instant Shop

Operational in 30 minutes or less, requiring no programming skills, Instant Shop utilizes Shoppable’s advanced shopping cart technology and integrated merchant relationships. 

Instant Shop is a stand-alone digital shop that is hosted on the Shoppable® domain under your name and/or brand.  It can also be embedded directly into an existing website (for an additional fee/upgrade). The web-based portal makes it easy to change and adjust content such as the shop categories as well as customize your Instant Shop with your own images, YouTube videos, social media links, and TikTok videos. 

Curating your products is fun and easy.  You type in a product name or UPC code in the search box.  It’s just like finding pins on Pinterest, according to one Instant Shop owner.  You, then, select the products that you want to feature in your shop.  The actual product images, prices, and item descriptions are input automatically, from the merchants, onto your shop shelf.  

This back-end functionality is what makes launching an Instant Shop extremely user-friendly and super-fast.

There are also awesome marketing features such as having a dedicated link that you can post, via social media, to direct traffic to your Instant Shop, and to post your TikTok videos WITHIN your shop to promote products.  These TikToks can be made Shoppable® via Instant Shop technology.  Your shoppers will be able to click on a cart icon in the corner of the TikTok video to purchase products! 

Benefits of Shoppable’s Patented Universal Checkout

Your shoppers stay on your branded shop page/cart within Instant Shop.  There is no link-off to another site to process a sale.  Everything happens inside your Instant Shop.  There is a handy “CONTINUE SHOPPING” button, which allows numerous products to be added from one or more retailers, within the same cart.  

Your shoppers are, then, able to purchase multiple products from multiple merchants in just one cart/single transaction. No more bouncing from site to site.  No longer will your shoppers have to provide their billing and shipping information, again, and again, to buy multiple products from different stores. 

You can, further, bundle lower-priced products together to allow for a merchant’s free shipping minimums to be reached.  Or just bundle products together for fun themes.  For example, offering the cosmetics needed to create the perfect smokey eye, bundled together.  

This is the convenience that your online shoppers demand.  

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Total Transparency of Your eCommerce Sales

Forget the black hole of affiliate link clicks! 

Your real-time analytics are accessed from an online dashboard on Instant Shop, 24/7.  Metrics include your top-selling products, top-converting traffic sources, and order conversion rates, among other actionable insights.  You’re able to compare current time periods to previous ones, spot trends, and make decisions based on actual shopper data to optimize your content and increase your eCommerce sales.

There is also an optional email opt-in (supplied by your cart) that can be used to collect emails for marketing your updates, brand promotions, blog, and newsletter subscriptions.

Having an Instant Shop makes your content even more attractive to potential brand partners.  They are enthused to receive directly attributed sales as opposed to less tangible KPIs for ROI such as brand awareness, community building, increased traffic, or engagement rates. 

Payment of Your Sales Commission is Simple and Straight-forward

Commissions are reported directly on your dashboard and paid monthly, once received from the merchants.  As an Instant shop owner, you’ll collect 100% of all earned commissions and any brand sponsorships and/or paid placements that you’ve obtained.  You have the choice of several Instant Shop license packages (a free license option is available for individuals with a personal account).

Interested in trying Shoppable® Instant Shop?  Sign up for your FREE account, today!


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