Online Advertising Revenue will Skyrocket with Shoppable's Checkout API Suite

Agencies and brands will, now, be able to incorporate commerce, including a headless checkout, into their existing platforms and marketplaces with Shoppable’s cutting-edge ecommerce API suite.  

Advertising is transformed with headless checkout.  Adtech platforms, publishers, and marketplaces can leverage the Shoppable® Checkout APITM to offer commerce media solutions.  It helps both non-DTC & DTC advertisers in reducing friction on the path-to-purchase, capturing first-party data, and optimizing their campaign performance.

KERV's COO & Chief Innovation Officer Marika Roque agrees, "By pairing KERV's proprietary AI-powered image recognition and product correlation technology with Shoppable's Checkout API, we are on the forefront of truly revolutionizing the shopping experience.

"We innovate with the consumer in mind, first, and together, we can enable shopping at the point of inspiration. By fusing content and commerce, advertisers can now effortlessly connect with consumers, providing a seamless and frictionless path to purchase this holiday season and beyond." 

Shoppable’s technology further eliminates the investment of time and expense involved in going full DTC–having to provide inventory, fulfillment, and customer service–while producing the equivalent of DTC ecommerce results and shopping analytics.  

Benefits include all the information needed for your digital marketing optimization.  From privacy-protected first-party data; the consented collection of email addresses (via an opt-in within the cart); to closed-loop campaign metrics compiled in near real-time, and much MORE!  Read the full press release, here.


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