Meet Jillian Arnold:  Shoppable’s VP of Customer Success

As the Vice President of Customer Success, Jillian Arnold brings a wealth of experience in media and technology to this crucial role at Shoppable®.  Jillian discovered, early on, that she loved connecting with people and helping them find solutions to their problems.  

Since her first job at a clothing boutique as a teenager, she’s been motivated to assist customers, be it as simple as finding the perfect outfit, or making non-DTC products “shoppable,” wherever they appear online, as fast and easily as possible.

Communication is Key

Jillian often leverages her sales and customer expertise from previous account management roles.  Relationship building is a core strength.  “I take a bespoke, white-glove approach to our customers. I like to get to know them as a person, building honest connections.”

She finds it fun and dynamic to interact with multiple departments and the people responsible for their company’s success with titles as diverse as brand managers, marketing directors, IT engineers, and project managers.  Jillian tries to gear her message to each individual.  She strives to speak their language, using their industry-specific terms, abbreviations, and catchphrases.  

Her intent is to address what they, personally, care about, while connecting the dots between the ultimate value of Shoppable’s products to overcome their challenges.  This is her definition of customer success. 

On Being a Strong Role Model

When asked what advice she’d give to women interested in the tech field, she says to never be afraid to ask questions and be assertive.  “I’m the first person to ask questions.”  She refuses to let fear or embarrassment hold her back.  It is better to ask the question, in her opinion, and be able to gather the needed information.

Jillian was also fortunate enough to be able to take five years off after her daughter’s birth, but she discovered that childcare, alone, was not fulfilling enough.  “I actually like to work.”  

She made the life-changing decision to only have one child to facilitate a career.  While she values both, the greatest compliment that she’s ever received was about her daughter.  She took pride in hearing, “you’ve raised such a wonderful human being.”

Jillian's family had strong role models of professional working women.  It is Jillian’s goal, likewise, to inspire her own daughter.  To show that being driven and having ambition can go along with being a wife and a mother.  

_Jillians Dogs

She Loves Dogs!

One of Jillian’s favorite things is to run (it’s a family activity–her entire family is athletic) and go to the beach with her dogs.  She has three dogs, confessing that she’s a dog person.  

As their “loyalty and unconditional love are important to me and that's characteristic of dogs.”  

While not a cat person, she’d still like to see the big cats in their natural habitat, one day.  It’s on her bucket list to go on an African Safari.  It’s all about her love of animals!

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