Announcing: TikTok Catalog Feeds by Shoppable®

As part of Shoppable's "Commerce Everywhere" commitment, we're working with TikTok to help our customers unlock TikTok's commerce ad solutions.  Prior to this, it was difficult for any company that is not a  DTC brand to use TikTok's shopping ads, because they lack access to all of the data required to create the shopping catalog feed.

Shoppable's innovative commerce platform with the Universal Checkout is uniquely able to meet TikTok's requirements and help non-DTC brands, ad agencies, publishers, and creators enable TikTok's commerce tools to produce in-app shoppable ads and product detail pages. The checkout will, of course, be powered by Shoppable®.

That means you'll still be able to gain all the benefits you love about Shoppable's Universal Checkout technology.  This includes closed-loop data tracking, revenue by campaign tracking, a seamless branded shopping experience, and the collection of your first-party customer data (based on the Shoppable® license level).  

Additionally, an independent third-party review of our data shows that Shoppable's streamlined checkout results in higher conversions, lower cart abandonment, and increased sales!

Social Commerce on TikTok has Never Been Easier!

No engineers are necessary. Shoppable® will create the custom TikTok Catalog, on your behalf. Then, your social media manager or agency can upload the feed to your TikTok account. Shoppable® will automatically update that feed with price and inventory. 

Shoppable's TikTok Catalog feature can be used with any Shoppable® product including Shoppable® DTC Lite, Shoppable® Ad Experience, and Instant Shop.

The TikTok x Shoppable® Catalog Feed is available as an add-on to Startup, Growth, and Enterprise level accounts. If you are a current customer, reach out to your Customer Success Manager for more details.

If you're interested in becoming a Shoppable® customer or learning more about how you can use this new feature, please book a demo with one of our product specialists below or contact our sales team.


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