Announcing Shoppable’s Third Patent for Universal Checkout

In 2011, Shoppable’s founder and CEO Heather Udo had the foresight to recognize that the cart should come to the consumer.  This led to her creating and applying for the original patent for Universal Checkout, a multi-retailer e-commerce checkout.  That was only the first step.  

Universal Checkout Empowers Digital Marketing, Online Advertising, and Ecommerce

Shoppable® has since built on our technology, refining and improving it, and was recently granted a third patent for Universal Checkout and its ability to facilitate shopping at the point of inspiration anywhere online. This technology transforms websites, ads, videos, and, now, TikToks, into a Shoppable® experience with the ability to purchase without redirecting your customers to retailer sites.

Shoppers are able to buy multiple products, from multiple merchants, in a single, frictionless checkout experience.  

Shoppers are no longer forced to bounce from retail site to retail site, nor do they have to type out their billing and shipping details repeatedly.  The result of this streamlined checkout process is 2x the average conversion rate (as compared to the industry standard affiliate rates).

Universal Checkout also has allowed Shoppable® to lift the veil on shopper behavior.  Unlike traditional affiliate networks that are unable to supply data beyond the “buy” button, Shoppable® is able to provide the actual 1st-party order data.  This is an additional benefit with the approaching depreciation of 3rd-party cookies by Google.  

Universal Checkout Replaces 3rd-Party Cookies

Rather than tracking with cookies, your consumer insight is gathered by Shoppable® via user-consented data from purchases.  This, along with the shopper behavior analytics, reveals the complete customer’s journey from traffic sources to clicks, items in a cart, actual checkout, and real purchase details.  This information can then be used to optimize your future e-commerce marketing campaigns and ad personalization.

Shoppable Protects Your Ecommerce Investment

Shoppable’s Universal Checkout technology is protected by U.S. Patents No. 9,697,563; 10592966; and 11,222,381.  Only Shoppable® is able to license and provide this cutting-edge Universal Checkout technology within the U.S. and all  Shoppable’s licenses are protected by these patents.  Enjoy peace of mind knowing that you are licensing intellectual property created and exclusively owned by Shoppable®.  

The Possibilities for Universal Checkout are Endless

Universal Checkout powers Shoppable’s Commerce Suite, including Shoppable® DTC-Lite (enabling online sales without inventory or fulfillment), Shoppable® Ad Experience (turning online advertising into commerce and consumer insight for agencies, publishers, and brands), and the newest product to join the line-up, Shoppable® Instant Shop (allowing an influencer to have an authentic shop or gift guide with products curated from multiple retailers, featuring a Universal Checkout, with the influencer’s brand throughout the experience.) 

Instant Shop makes it possible to directly attribute influencer content to sales.  No longer will influencer marketing be dependent on limited engagement stats (such as traffic, likes, comments, etc.) to determine the ROI of brand campaigns.  It also levels the playing field, by allowing shop owners to promote and receive a commission from over 200 million products of their choice without requiring a brand sponsorship.

The applications for Universal Checkout are varied and many, and we expect to continue to bring innovative solutions to fruition, in the years to come.

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