Announcing, Shoppable® Instant Shop

We're proud to announce the launch of Instant Shop, a new monetization tool and ecommerce platform for creators, influencers, athletes, and celebrities to create custom storefronts.

Today, we announced our latest product expansion - Instant Shop. The new platform offers the first-ever direct affiliate marketing sales software that protects seller commissions, improves follower engagement, and allows the shop owner to create and launch a custom branded shop in as little as 20 minutes. 

The new revenue channel is currently in an exclusive beta and available to those who sign up for the waitlist, available on the Shoppable website. Shoppable will give users priority access from the waitlist based on the depth and breadth of their following and their placement on the waitlist. Shoppable expects to fully launch Instant Shop in Spring 2022 after collecting user feedback and optimizing the platform for both shop owners and consumers alike.

Unlike many popular shopping discovery apps or "idea list" services that influencers or publishers often use to link to featured products, Instant Shop drives commissions on sales through a white label e-commerce platform that does not require the shopper to redirect to a third-party website to place an order. The embedded white label solution, therefore, eliminates most opportunities to lose a sale from broken links or coupon sites earning the credit for their sales via 'last-click' attribution, thus preserving sales and commissions. 

"Monetizing content is table stakes, and now we're changing the game by providing publishers and creators a new channel to unlock the commercial value of their influence within a single environment," said Heather Marie Udo, the CEO and Founder of Shoppable. "Affiliate sales, brand partnerships, and sponsored content can be a significant revenue stream for influencers but it's been impossible to capture and track lost commissions and accurately measure influence and the first-party data and analytics advertisers increasingly demand. Instant Shop allows creators to sell directly to their followers and keep zero- and first-party data while maintaining a brand experience without sending shoppers out to bounce around across various sites."

Instant Shop Product Catalog, Setup and Functionality
Influencers, publishers, and content creators can embed Instant Shop into an existing website or can use the solution as a stand-alone pop-up on the Shoppable domain with their brand name or username. Shop owners can develop their storefront using their own logos, colors and other branding components in an intuitive setup experience.

Instant Shop benefits from the vast catalog Shoppable already maintains with major retailers and brands through its suite of services, including the power to process sales from multiple merchants in a single transaction and ship directly to consumers. Users can begin selling from the existing Shoppable catalog or can import their own. In either scenario of catalog use, retailers and direct-to-consumer brands fulfill all orders, eliminating the need for an influencer or shop owner to carry inventory or manage product delivery and drop-shipping. Shop owners can now curate and sell name products with quick shipping times which solves common problems with drop-shipping sites.

Shop owners can also customize the storefront with images and social videos and can change and adjust the storefront at any time through the simple web-based portal. Product images, prices, and item descriptions come directly from retailer catalogs, but shop owners can create various sections or shop categories based on interests, trends, or brand partnerships.  

Protecting Commissions and Sales Data
For the last decade, enterprise-level businesses have relied on the core Shoppable technology to effectively maintain the highest levels of integrity in sales data. Instant Shop extends the same level of reliable sales data to shop owners while also offering campaign tracking and custom shop links that allow a consumer to complete a purchase quickly and easily from any number of retailers and in as little as two clicks.

Instant Shop also provides shop owners web-based shop analytics and order data reports, providing an always-on dashboard of first-party sales data and insights outlining top selling products, top-converting traffic sources, and order conversion among other things. Shop owners can reliably use those insights to inform content strategy, brand partnerships, and shop assortment and selection in real-time.

The shop owner will receive 100% of all earned commissions and any brand sponsorships and paid placements they sell or secure. Shoppable will offer multiple options for Instant Shop license packages.

Shoppable Instant Shop is now live in private beta today with shops and shoppable gift guides launched by actors, models, and influencers. The new shop technology features Shoppable's patented multiple-retailer checkout technology.

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