Case Study & Live Interview with GlaxoSmithKline (GSK)

The CPG Guys, Peter V.S. Bond and Sri Rajagopalan, interviewed Carolina Flores, Associate Digital Marketing Manager at GlaxoSmithKline (GSK), in their latest podcast.  They discussed, in detail, what was involved in this global consumer healthcare company’s strategic decision to utilize Shoppable® DTC Lite. 

The CPG Guys also touched upon how DTC Lite can provide CPG brands with all the benefits of first-party data and customer relationships without the brands being the merchant of record or creating channel conflict.  Add the speed of execution (which, on average, ranges between two and four weeks) and it’s a powerful platform.  

Discover the unique advantages of Shoppable® and how all your e-commerce & digital acceleration strategic goals could soon be accomplished.

How Shoppable® “Connected the Dots” for GSK

At the beginning of the podcast, Carolina outlined the challenge of evaluating solutions for different brands with different initiatives and how Shoppable® DTC Lite was able to connect the dots for GSK.  “The goals were to be able to track the higher intent signals that were happening on our site. Rather than just serve as an awareness or learning opportunity.  

“Whenever consumers come to visit our site, they can do so much more. 

“We can help facilitate getting the product into their hands.  And that was immediately accomplished by our partnership with Shoppable®. 

“We're also tracking, now, where it is, that they have added something to cart, [where they have] accomplished full conversion on our site.  From that, we're developing more sophisticated retargeting campaigns. 

“It's not only changed how we interact with the consumer and how the consumer can experience our brand, but it also has changed the sophistication of our marketing campaigns.”

What are the Biggest Advantages of Shoppable's DTC Lite?

“It immediately removes the hassle of having to think about supply chain, solves fulfillment, and solves distribution [by] establishing a customer service kind of portal. … All of that does not have to be dealt with, instead, we can go directly to Shoppable® to plug in a lot of those services.”  

Consumer insight, however, has been the real benefit for GSK, according to Carolina, “We recognize the model and the investment allows us to foster our own relationships with consumers to cultivate their trust and personalize their experiences, across all of the different channels, where they might engage with our brands.” 

“I'd say that the biggest advantage to working with Shoppable® is the relationship that you begin to unlock with the consumer. The kind of familiarity that you gain.”  

She expanded on her point, “Aside from that, there is improved marketing effectiveness. Our campaigns can now be tailored to more than just awareness.  We can retarget to high-value action signals, like ‘Add to Cart.’ So that our audiences are of higher value and have showcased higher intent.  

“For example, there are savings to be gained there, rather than paying a premium on conversion. [By creating] optimized campaigns with these audiences that Shoppable® has kind of gifted us.  

“We’re perfectly happy with our reach, knowing that they've already showcased those signals of high intent. 

“But aside from improved marketing effectiveness, there's also a lot of competitive intelligence that can strengthen our position at retail. Shoppable's analytics tool presents us with insights that can have omnichannel outcomes.” 

Shoppable®, further, provided access to data, she says, that was, “supporting our discovery of where our consumers are more loyal, for the various brands.” 

What are the Most Exciting Aspects of the Shoppable® and GSK Partnership?

When pressed on the topic, Carolina shared that for her it has been, “the understanding of the consumer and the improved business agility overall.  The sophistication of the marketing campaigns. The access to the full view of the funnel.  All of this is what we're most excited about, in terms of the Shoppable® partnership, continuing to evolve and grow.”  

Listen, here, for the full podcast interview between the CPG Guys and GSK's Carolina Flores.

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