Say hello to Shoppable® ‘DTC Lite’ and goodbye to Shoppack

Shoppable’s ‘Shoppack’ product has now been re-branded as Shoppable DTC Lite.

What is ‘DTC Lite’?

Shoppable® DTC Lite is a standardized Shoppable product that helps you set up Shoppable technology faster on an existing website. DTC stands for direct-to-consumer. We call this Shoppable® product “DTC Lite” because it is powerful technology allowing companies to enable a DTC-like experience and get all the benefits without all the headache. What do we mean? You can set up buy buttons and a hosted multiple-retailer checkout on your website without becoming merchant-of-record, creating channel conflict, or incurring the expense of setting up the supply chain and fulfillment processes.

This product is often used by CPG’s, manufacturers, and publishers.  Shoppable’s DTC Lite product does not allow for many customizations, but it will reduce the time it takes you to launch Shoppable so you can get your business up and running quickly.  

Shoppable® DTC Lite delivers a fully functional Product Detail Page (PDP) (with an add-to-cart feature), multi-retailer enabled side cart and Shoppable’s patented universal checkout with no more than a few lines of well-placed code.

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