New Podcast Episode: The CPG Guys & Shoppable® Founder

In this episode of The CPG Guys podcast, hosts Sri & PVSB speak with Heather Marie Udo, the Founder & CEO of Shoppable. The CPG Guys are reporting on Shoppable’s commerce solutions that provide brands all of the benefits of a 1P customer relationship without being the merchant of record or the complications of supply chain and fulfillment.


In this episode, Heather answers the following questions:

  1. Take us through the founder’s journey of how shoppable was founded a decade ago?  What gap in the industry does shoppable fulfill? 
  2. How has the journey been? No one wins without failures and learning from them? 
  3. Was this easy, has everything changed during covid? What are lessons learned you would share with other aspiring entrepreneurs?
  4. Tell us about how retail partnerships were formed? Who are your retail partners?  How do retailers benefit from this?
  5. It sounds like you started working with publishers when you first launched. When did you start working with CPGs and is shoppable a full DTC solution?
  6. How did you scale the platform over time? What are the specific features of shoppable?
  7. Which categories or types of brands is shoppable suitable for? 
  8. Let’s talk about the all important topic of data & insights. DTC is usually anchored for data and consumer/shopper relationships. Does shoppable work towards collecting data and harnessing it?

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