Shoppable® Ad Experience FAQ

What is Shoppable® Ad Experience

Shoppable® Ad Experience enables opportunities for consumers to purchase selected brand products from top retailers without having to link off to a retail site. Our streamlined landing pages are optimized for minimal required clicks and maximum conversion rates.

What are the benefits of using Shoppable®? 

Thanks to our patented universal checkout technology, Shoppable® allows you to access order data, control the checkout experience, and allow users to purchase multiple products without linking off to another site.  It all occurs on one page.  Shoppable®’s Ad Experience landing page reduces the number of clicks along the consumers’ path to checkout from an average of 16 to 3. Shoppable® is able to provide the ability to shop multiple retailers in a single transaction.  This means that we deliver what others can’t:  meaningful data and increased conversion rates and sales.

What kind of data do I obtain with Shoppable®?

One of the best benefits of using Shoppable’s Universal Checkout technology is access to first-party consumer and CRM data. We eliminate the need for link-offs where you would historically lose the customer and the data around their behavior; not knowing if they purchase, or what they put in their cart. Through Shoppable® Ad Experience, we offer the opportunity to track sales behavior, collect shopper demographics, product data, and much more!

How much does it cost to implement Shoppable® Ad Experiences? 

Our pricing is based on a standard SaaS model and tiered depending on the number of landing pages required. We, then, offer license subscription payments on a monthly basis. 

How long will it take to set up?  

Shoppable® Ad Experience is extremely user-friendly and takes between 20 to 40 minutes to set up.  

Where can I place these ads online?  

Anywhere! You can serve the ad in a banner, on social media, and because of Shoppable’s recent partnership with Pinterest, you can even make your pins shoppable! According to TalkShoppe US, “50% of Pinners frequently use Pinterest to shop, which is over 2 times higher than the proportion that use other media platforms to shop”.  The opportunity to make your ads (and pins) across platforms such as Pinterest is immense, so why not take advantage, before your competitors?

What does this experience look like from a consumer perspective? 

In a word, frictionless.  When a consumer is served a shoppable ad, they click into a pre-loaded landing page – served in the same window (even on mobile,) but as a separate page for security. This landing page includes all of the curated products from the brand (with the option to include "suggested products," if you’re looking to increase basket size). 

The customer, on a single-screen pageview, can choose the variables for color, qty, size, and retailer for each product. They enter their shipping, billing, and payment information only once. That information is then passed through Shoppable®’s technology to each retailer, where the order is fulfilled. The customer receives a confirmation from the brand serving the ad experience.  Additional shipping and tracking communications are sent directly from the retailer.

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