Adding Value to Your Business: Publishers & Influencers

The Top 5 Reasons Why Publishers Love Shoppable® 

• Access to 200 Million Products Across All Major Product Categories

• Order Commissions and Sponsored Shoppable Content - More Revenue Opportunities

• No Need to Hold Inventory 

• Little to No Internal Resources Required

• Increased Time Spent On-Site & No Re-directing Traffic from Your Website


I’m a Publisher; How do I work with Shoppable®? –

Shoppable® works with Publishers by turning content into commerce. Through our patented universal checkout technology, we are able to bring Publishers the ability to make their online content (articles, advertisements, videos, recipes, and more!) shoppable.

Publishers often use Shoppable DTC Lite technology to embed "buy now" buttons into content and embed a multiple-retailer, universal checkout on their website. They also use Shoppable Instant Shop to provide a curated shop experience on their website. Both of these products and the Shoppable Ad Experience can be used for sponsored content, sponsored shoppable pop-up shops, paid placements, and other advertising needs.

If you are unsure which Shoppable technology is best for your needs, please reach out to our sales team who can make a recommendation and answer any questions.

What is Content and Commerce? – 

Whether your content is promoting something you’re selling directly or something you’ve purchased yourself, the landscape of “Content” in any form demands to be monetized. We’re living in a digital age and the content we create can easily be translated into commerce, or in this case: e-commerce.

Does Shoppable® really open a new revenue stream for publishers and influencers? – 

Yes! Shoppable® has created a technology specifically to benefit content creators who want to own their own e-commerce and make commissions from purchases made directly on their site or blog! 

How does using Shoppable® impact my content? – 

By using Shoppable®, you gain access to a product catalog of over 200 million products that is growing every day. A Universal Shopping Cart with checkout functionality is hosted right within your domain, allowing you to curate and promote whichever products you choose. Not to mention, you won’t have the hassle of dealing with and devoting resources to handling customer service (we take care of that for you!) or order fulfillment (that’s the merchant’s job!).


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