Adding Value to Your Business: Merchants

Top 5 Benefits for Merchants Working with Shoppable®:

• Increased Market Share and Amplified Sales

• Frictionless Shopping on Valuable Influencer & Publisher Content

• Proven Higher Conversion Rates

• Statistically Lower Cart Abandonment

• Shoppable® is PCI Compliant

Retailers & Merchants have more opportunities than ever before when it comes to taking advantage of the consumer journey. Shoppable® recognizes that the traditional path to purchase no longer exists, and we want to help the leaders of the digital era meet shoppers anywhere along their journey!

How can Merchants work with Shoppable®? –

Our #1 goal with our technology is to make the shopping experience as seamless and frictionless as possible. This process becomes easier as we’re able to offer shoppers a more comprehensive list of Shoppable® products and Brands. By partnering with Shoppable®, you’ll be able to increase your sales as well as reach a much wider target audience!

Is There an Integration Process? –

Our integration is quick and simple. As a first step, we need direct access to your product feed via an API or affiliate channel. The key component here is the quality of the feed in order for us to ensure a seamless process for shoppers. Shoppable® has a variety of ways to integrate with your existing checkout partner including options that require no development resources.

What Does it Cost? –

Partnering with Shoppable® as a Merchant is completely free! We do not charge any fees or upfront costs. You will only be responsible for paying a negotiated affiliate commission on final sales.

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