Client Success: Enabling eCommerce with Dove

Dove is dedicated to its brand vision of radiating beauty & strength from the inside and out. The brand’s goal is to support women of all ages realize their full potential and lift their self-esteem by developing a positive relationship with the way they look. The Dove Self-Esteem Project and key products – spanning from women’s, men’s and baby – communicate this valuable mission.

When thinking about how to reach all of their consumers, Dove realized they had a gap without having streamlined eCommerce functionality on their brand site. In addition, all consumer purchasing data and insights were being lost to retailer site redirects or by pushing consumers to find Dove products in-store locally. This flow only created frustration and friction for their buyers and left Dove without any way to evaluate their marketing spend on their site based on online sales.

Dove’s challenge was to find a solution that would allow consumers to purchase directly from, while maintaining the ability for consumers to buy from their desired retailers; and to acquire order information on their sales.

Shoppable’s technology allows Dove’s consumers to purchase products at the point of inspiration directly from and increase conversion and sales for the brand. In addition to creating a new purchasing channel and reducing friction at the point of sale, Dove now has access to invaluable CRM data and consumer behavior analysis to focus their brand and product strategies.

Shoppable’s API integration gave Dove an immediate digital advantage. Shoppable’s hosted checkout is PCI compliant and is customized for the brand for a consistent user interface to create a smooth user experience without leaving the site.

Dove now has the consumer data to focus marketing dollars and quantify ROI based on actual product sales information.  In 2017, Dove was ranked #1 in digital for the personal care category in L2’s Digital IQ Index for their streamlined eCommerce functionality.





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