What to Consider when Licensing a Distributed Commerce Solution

The rapid growth of eCommerce sales – and no sign of it backing down – indicates that consumers have turned to primarily online and mobile shopping. Emarketer expects that online retail will grow 17.92% in 2021,  to $933 Billion.  As a result of this growth, publishers are faced with a set of challenges. They are having to quickly think outside the box and source omnichannel solutions to get their products onto shoppers’ screens and into their shopping carts, convert sales, all while maximizing their marketing spend without data to quantify their efforts. This ultimately causes friction and frustration throughout the full sales funnel.

So what if one single solution could eliminate these set of challenges and pack a benefit for the publisher, consumer and merchant all in one? Many publishers are communicating the importance of having a single checkout solution for their distributed commerce needs.

We put together five attributes we believe you should value when considering licensing a distributed commerce solution.

  • PCI Compliant Checkout – The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) is a set of security standards designed to ensure all companies that accept, process, store or transmit credit card information maintain a secure environment.
  • Patented Technology – A patent is awarded to protect the solution provider's technology, denotes recognition of leadership in innovation, and furthermore protects the publisher’s license and integration process.
  • Access to Valuable CRM Data – Having the consumer data amplifies the marketing strategy, puts a focus on marketing spend and the ability to quantify ROI based on actual product sales information.
  • Deep Integration with Top Merchants – An API integration with top merchants ensures a wide range of product coverage resulting in seamless conversion, transaction and revenue.
  • Optimized eCommerce – The distributed commerce solution can be optimized across many content platforms such as editorial and brand sites, mobile, video, and through retargeting ads helping to drive new customers, convert sales and generate revenue.

Distributed commerce expands the opportunity for publishers, consumers, and merchants to connect throughout the entire sales experience. Publishers keep valuable consumer traffic directly on their site while consumers gain a frictionless checkout experience, no matter how many merchants they choose to purchase from.  Merchants are now exposed to a new shopping audience through this seamless transaction flow.  

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