Frequently Asked Questions: Merchant Integration

Shoppable has been collaborating directly with retailers and brands for over six years to provide engaging Shoppable experiences across all digital assets and channels.  Merchants come to Shoppable for a variety of benefits, but over time we realized that although each merchant is unique, many of the questions they have when looking to integrate with a distributed commerce technology are the same.

Before the merchant integrates with the Shoppable solution, we understand they need answers to these core group of questions which we have outlined below.

Q. Who is the Merchant of Record?

The retailer will remain the Merchant of Record. The consumer receives an order number and confirmation email directly from the retailer.

Q. Who handles customer service?

The merchant handles customer service identically to the natural sales flow had the purchase occurred on the retailer’s site.

Q. How long does integration take?

Integration is quick and simple – all that is needed is direct access via API or an affiliate channel. Data feed quality is key when integrating and ensuring a seamless process.

Q. Is there a fee?

There is no fee or upfront costs. The merchant only pays affiliate commissions on closed sales.

Q. How do we benefit from a distributed commerce checkout solution?

The checkout solution amplifies the reach of a merchant’s e-commerce and leverages the influence and following of media taste-makers and experts to its benefit.  Merchants gain an advantage in market share by appealing to consumers looking for easy shopping solutions. Furthermore, merchants capitalize on increased conversion rates with decreased shopping cart abandonment.

Q. Can I allow customers to use their loyalty account?

Yes, customers can engage with their loyalty account. This optionality ensures the merchants can continue to provide excellent customer service and offer a personalized experience through the universal cart.

Merchants have more opportunities now than ever to take advantage of distributed eCommerce.  The traditional consumer decision journey has gone out the window. The leaders in this digital era are the brand and retailers, who meet shoppers anywhere along their path to purchase.

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