Patent for Universal Shopping Cart Technology Spells Success for Shoppable®

Shoppable®, the NYC- based e-commerce technology company, today confirmed it secured a patent award for its universal shopping cart technology. U.S. Utility Patent No. 9,697,563 covers technology that enables a multi-retailer checkout, also referred to as universal checkout, and effectively serves as the closing bell in the race to develop a scalable solution that aggregates purchasing from multiple vendors into a single checkout.


This kind of technology is used by companies selling products that are fulfilled and shipped from different e-commerce sources. Aggregating products into a universal shopping cart with a single check-out has multiple benefits to different constituencies in the e-commerce ecosystem:

  • The shopper:
    • Shoppable streamlines the purchasing process enabling shoppers to purchase products via websites and blogs, inputting billing, shipping and payment information once even though the products are shipped from multiple vendors.
  • Digital platform:
    • Shoppable enables any digital media entity, mobile app or platform to easily add an e-commerce revenue stream without the financial risk of purchasing and managing inventory
    • Unlike typical affiliate models, Shoppable technology allows retailers to keep the customer data; a valuable resource with many consumer marketing possibilities
  • The merchant:
    • Shoppable amplifies the reach of a merchant’s e-commerce and leverages the influence and following of media taste-makers and experts to its benefit

Heather Marie, Founder and CEO of Shoppable, will continue to focus on creating meaningful partnerships with large brands and media companies. “We see this patent as recognition for our leadership in innovation for building what many consumers really want from e-commerce – the ability to buy what they discover wherever they are online. With the patent now in tow, we are excited to continue developing commerce opportunities and licenses for platforms, social media and digital media entities.”

While many brands already incorporate Shoppable in their e-commerce, those working with other solution providers offering similar services or those that have built their own solutions, will soon have to switch to Shoppable® technology. Shoppable is in the process of alerting pertinent e-commerce companies to help them license its proprietary technology to enhance clients’ e-commerce experience.

About Shoppable®

Shoppable® is a New York-based e-commerce company and leader in universal cart technology, and was named one of the “100 Brilliant Companies” by Entrepreneur Magazine. The patented universal checkout provides users a simple path to purchase from multiple sources within a single order and payment process. Founded in 2011, the company has evolved from a luxury retail service to a market leader in broad e-commerce distribution with major clients including top-tier publishers and CPG brands. By partnering with best-in-class retailers to match products back to consumers looking to purchase, Shoppable allows users to shop, sell and save products from multiple retailers in a single environment.

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