Seamless Shoppable Ads & Analytics with Shoppable® Pinterest Partnership

Shoppable® is excited to announce that we will be joining the Pinterest Partners program as the popular visual discovery engine seeks to enable deeper shopping experiences and ultimately allow people to seamlessly shop for items they see on Pinterest. Through Shoppable®, any product featured within a Shoppable® enabled Pinterest ad unit can be purchased directly from one or multiple retailers in a single transaction that takes place a single click from the ad. Advertisers can capture first-party data through Shoppable and track the closed-loop ad experience from Pinterest to purchase. 

Pinterest wants people to be able to shop for any item they see on Pinterest. According to TalkShoppe US*, “50% of Pinners frequently use Pinterest to shop, which is over 2 times higher than the proportion that use other media platforms to shop”.  By partnering with Shoppable® on Pinterest, advertisers gain full visibility into their consumers’ purchase behavior.  Shoppable® believes that consumers are king, so we reduce clicks on the path to purchase and create frictionless commerce experiences. This results in instant gratification for consumers and increased conversions for businesses.

This partnership allows Shoppable® to continue its mission of enabling a unified commerce experience at the point of discovery.

Shoppable® is the innovative New York company that created and holds multiple U.S. patents for multi-retailer checkout technology. This technology provides consumers with the ability to shop wherever they are inspired and without having to redirect shoppers to retailers' websites. With the combination of Shoppable® and Pinterest, now brands, retailers, and publishers can create a fully-shoppable experience from the Pin through the purchase. This end-to-end shopping experience allows both parties to provide advertisers with valuable data and insights throughout the purchase path. 

Do you want to learn how your brand can benefit from this new and exciting partnership? Reach out to us for a demo to see how this solution would work for you!

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Source: *TalkShoppe US’s Pinterest Personalization and Relevance Study


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