USER REGISTRATION: Why You Need It & How to Get It

Shopping online is no easy task – but it should be! Ten tabs, countless cards, and the time it takes to get what you need from all of your online shops quickly becomes a headache.

In a recent Forbes article that highlights what consumers like and dislike during their digital experience, it was noted that “the number one frustration is having to enter the same information twice”. From clear product images to simple navigation, consumers value shopping experiences that deliver a seamless shopping experience.

Although online shopping is not a new concept, many brands and retailers are still misjudging the true needs of today’s online consumers. Technology continues to advance and the one constant we see is the dire need to not forget about the most crucial part of the customer experience; the customer. Darin Archer, CMO of Elastic Path, said “companies need a strong commerce backend that supports the latest innovations without sacrificing customer experience. It’s up to brands to make any experience shoppable” (Cision).

Shoppable® is excited to announce our capabilities now include user registration! In our continued effort to put the customer first, we built user registration capabilities to continue facilitating seamless and frictionless shopping experiences. Shoppers who create their login will have an easy and unified shopping experience, which will translate to convenient multi-touchpoint access to their personal shopping information.

Having user registration functionality on your site means you’ll not only be able to increase the retention rate of your shoppers, but you’re also building brand loyalty through the ease of experience. According to a Namagoo study, 75.61% of consumers credit their satisfaction of online shopping to an “easy checkout experience” (Forbes).

How to make User Registration attractive to your customers:

Implement an Omnichannel Seamless Checkout Experience

Make it Mobile!

Ensure Personalization Beyond Shipping & Payment

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