Adding Value to Your Business: CPG's and Brands

Top 5 Benefits of Using Shoppable® for Consumer Product Goods and Brands:

• Sell Products Directly on Your Site via Preferred Retail Partners

• Invaluable Order Data Viewable on our Reporting Platform

• Shoppable® is PCI Compliant - So You Don't Have to Be!

• Retail Partners Fulfill Orders & Handle Customer Service

• Customized Interface for Seamless User Experience


How does Shoppable® magnify my product reach? 

Through the use of our patented Universal Checkout, products can be made "shoppable" on your site and digital assets via your preferred retail partners. Bringing the shopping experience to your consumers directly on your site unlocks valuable consumer data insights and enables you to reach your consumers at points of interest via Shoppable® Content, Shoppable® Ads, Shoppable® Video, and Shoppable® Social Posts.


What can Shoppable® do to increase my sales?

Once your customers are able to purchase products directly on your site there is a direct correlation to an increase in both engagement and sales. One major CPG personal care brand that we made Shoppable® saw an increase YoY of 57% in on-site sales in Year 1 and 121% increase in Year 2.


Does Shoppable® provide consumer data or analytics?

Yes! We provide access to our reporting dashboard as well as e-commerce events in Google Analytics. Examples of useful metrics we provide include conversion rates, gross revenue, top products, top retailers, average basket size, and much more! 

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